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What it means to be a Wildling

Do you want to be part of shaping the Wild journey? Do you want to spend your time making games, not just talk? Do you want to make it right from the start and not be bogged down by legacy code or long meetings? Maybe you are a Wildling after all!

At Wild Games we believe the best teams make the best games and to really do that the team needs to own the game they make. Our structure is flat with few hierarchies and no extravagant titles and we want to keep it this way. If we would summarize what we are about it would look something like this.

“We want to make great games in a great way and have fun doing it”

When we hire, we are looking for some attributes that we believe will shape our studio and our games in a positive way. It is a given that we want to work with skilled and nice people, but we are also looking for these things in a Wildling.


The team results are more important than your own results, and you are always looking for ways to help your team advance.


You can figure out for yourself what is most important, rather than someone telling you what you need to do. You are always striving for learning and improving and contributing to the advancement of the studio, your team and of course the great games we make.

Open mindset

We are always looking for the best idea, and you are transparently sharing your opinion as well as listening to understand others. We believe conflicts are healthy when egos are left out of discussions, and we feedback in a constructive way. We like people!


As most of our team have a background in AAA we welcome applicants with mobile background. Some of the competencies that we will be looking to fill in the future are UA/Growth Specialist and Data Analyst so if you have these skills and are interested – let us know! You can always send an open application to jobs@wild-games.se

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