Wild Grenis appeared!

Wild Grenis appeared! This summer passed quickly, and we are back to work, still being wild from home. Our focus remains building our game that we mentioned in our last news post. But what is a Grenis and why is he appearing? Grenis is the nickname of Marcus “Grenis” Grenängen, our latest Wildling who joined us today.

Wild Grenis appeared
Wildling #8 – “GRENIS”

Grenis is our third engineer in the Wild Team, and he will focus on what is called backend. The game we are building requires a lot of backend code, and no matter what game we will be building we will always have the need for that. And just like the rest of us he is also very versatile and a passionate gamer.

When we hired Grenis everything was done completely remote due to the pandemic. This was a fairly straight forward hiring process though as he is an old colleague from our time at DICE. It was still important for both sides to make sure this hire is perfect. We used our Playbook a lot during our discussions and we are making sure that everyone joining Wild Games already subscribes to our values that are mentioned on our Wild Jobs page.

His most recent job was as a consultant working with the Frostbite Engine, but he has over 15 years of experience working as a programmer. But we should let Grenis himself talk about who he is!

Welcome to Wild Games! Can you talk about why you have joined Wild Games?

No, that is a secret that I will be taking to my grave 😀

Can you talk a bit about your background?

For some reason, I’ve always been intrigued by computers, both hardware and software since I was fairly young, I fully attribute that to my dad as he’s always been keen on electronics and later on computers and software. Been around a bit, working on some of the mega corps within software and engineering such as Skype, Microsoft and EA DICE as well as small companies and startups. This also means that I’ve been working in different compartments such as game clients, mobile clients, backend software and more.

Can you explain what it means to be a backend programmer?

To me, that means you are responsible for making sure that the client shines. And when it comes to games, backend is not your traditional CRUD backend, it’s so much more such as intelligent game servers, authority and simulation to name a few.  

You lost me at CRUD. What is that?

It stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. For example, a model that represents something in a database likely will need this to be considered complete for interacting with the database. Looking at REST as an example, this usually maps quite well towards the HTTP Verbs POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE.

What makes backend so interesting? Most programmers in the game industry seems to prefer client or gameplay programming?

I’ve never been good with pixels, so the client and graphics programming have never been a compelling thing for myself. I much prefer to make sure that systems perform great, optimize memory usage, time it takes to shuffle large amounts of data around etc. And when it comes to backend, the less time it takes to complete something, the more money you save and the happier the player of it will be.

What do you think you will bring to Wild Games?

Most importantly, a true Gothenburgian dad joke sense of humor. Next to that, my long experience working on large complex systems and how to make them testable, scalable and fast will hopefully be something truly useful as we grow and deliver that next big bang mobile experience.

Lastly, indent with spaces or tabs?

There is just one correct answer here, as we live on this blue orb, spinning around in space, space is the one and only true choice here.

Sorry, Magnus has banned spaces 😉

I wish you had told me before I signed! Luckily, as a Vim and Linux user, there is nothing that stops me from using spaces locally and pushing with tabs 😊

Spaces or not, we are super happy to have you becoming a Wildling, welcome!

Marcus Grenängen
Marcus “Grenis” Grenängen