Wild Games grows

Wild Games have been working remotely for over a month now and we have managed to stay very productive during this time. We’ve taken big steps forward with our first game and we think now is a good time to start focusing more on making the game visually stunning. Before going into WFH mode, we started talking to an old friend and colleague about our game studio and the game we’re building. We know that this early on in our journey everyone will need to do a bit of everything and be very versatile as well as very talented. Our first Wild hire ticks all those boxes. We’re incredibly happy that Mikael Andersson have joined the ranks of Wildlings as an Artist!

Mikael Andersson

When we first started to work with Mikael 9 years ago at DICE, he was a 3D Artist, but over the years he has grown his skillset considerably and is now also a very accomplished Environment Artist and Character Artist. He has also dabbled with things like 2D and Concept Art, and done lighting work. Mikael is self-driven and always strives to improve and learn new things as an artist. He is also very collaborative and will help where it’s needed the most. These things are key factors when we look at who to hire.

Mikael Andersson's ArtStation portfolio
Check out Mikael’s portfolio on ArtStation