Wild Games goes to Helsinki

We are about three months into our journey with Wild Games, and we’ve spent the last two months focusing on our first real game concept (we will talk more about this later this year). When we started out in December, and we didn’t have any funding yet, we knew we wanted to start building games right away. We decided to build a game in two weeks and release it on Google Play.

There are several reasons to do this, and the most important one was to build game from start to finish in a short time and learn from our development. We have a strong belief of always trying things out in software as soon as possible and get the player experience to see what works and what doesn’t.

Our two-week project turned in to a four-week project, and although we did release it on Google Play, we pulled it out shortly after. The game never reached the quality that we are aiming for since it was a test project. But the learnings of doing this game were great however, and we built some basic tech and tools that we will continue to use in our upcoming projects. We also did find a few pain points that we are working through. All in all, we believe that this short game hack was a success in terms of learnings of testing new tech and workflows as well as how we work together as a team.

How you build a game and tweak the “game building machine” is important, but for us it is equally important how we act as a team and what our studio’s culture is. We strongly believe in having a culture of high trust, transparency and ownership. To work on these softer sides of game development and teamwork we decided to do a 40 hour offsite, taking the classic “Finlandsfärja” (Finland’s ferry) to Helsinki and visit Supercell.

Wild Games goes to Helsinki

The first day was all about building trust and understanding of one another in our founding team, doing workshops and rounding it off with a proper Finnish sauna and smorgasbord. The day after we arrived in Helsinki and got to spend the day ashore at the Supercell office. There we had meetings with members of their teams and asking tons of question to try to understand how they operate, and learn from some of the best dev teams in the world. We also got the chance to have lunch with Supercell’s CEO Ilkka Paananen and tap his brain on things like company culture and his thoughts on building a new company.

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Our way back to Stockholm we spent reflecting on these two days and talk about our take aways, both as a team and as individuals. What learnings can we implement? What more do we need to learn? What are the next steps on this journey in building our team and our game? So many questions, so much fun!

Getting to do this for a living is like a dream!